Visitors from Bolivia and Argentina

Thursday, 14th of July, Dr. Carlos Encina and Dr. Francisco Parera Deniz visited the ZOL Hospital in Genk for a meeting with Willem Ombelet and Jan Goossens. Dr. Carlos Encina is a senior clinical embryologist and represents the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER) and is the head of the ART lab of the largest IVF clinic in La Paz, Bolivia. Dr. Francisco Parera Deniz is a senior clinical embryologist from Argentina and is part of the GFMER-project of implementing low cost IVF procedures in Latin America and Africa. Some years ago, he did training with Prof. Devroey in Brussels.

They are both very interested in the TWE-project and presented themselves to help The Walking Egg implementing the simplified IVF-method in other laboratories, especially in low-income countries. Needless to emphasize that it is encouraging to see that people from all over the world get familiar with the project and are prepared to help realizing the TWE-project.